The Ultimate Guide to Home Deep Cleaning

home deep cleaning

Most of us have some sort of a spring cleaning routine, but is once a year really enough? To be as blatant as possible, the answer is absolutely not.

Your home deserves more than a once-a-year cleanse because it’s a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In fact, certain trouble spots in your home, such as your bed sheets or refrigerator drawers, can even make you sick.

To combat this, you have to set aside more time for home deep cleaning. It may seem tedious, but it certainly helps protect you and your family’s health. Here’s how often each part of your house needs to be cleaned.

Microwave – Each Week

Most microwaves turn into splash zones when nuking food. For that reason, you need to regularly wipe down the inside to prevent any mold from growing.

Deep clean your microwave at least once a month with a water and vinegar-based solution. You can make your own concoction by mixing a 1/2 cup of each liquid. Then, microwave the mixture until it boils up before wiping down the interior with a sponge.

Bathtub – Each Week

Research says your bathtub is dirtier than a trash can, and that’s it just as unsanitary as a toilet. So, make it easy on yourself and get into the habit of cleaning your tub just as often as you scrub your toilet.

You can also rely on your vinegar and water solution for a weekly bathtub cleanse. We also recommend adding a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil to offset that acidic odor.

Bed Sheets – Every 1-2 Weeks

It’s pretty well-known that most of us don’t wash our sheets nearly enough. But, using fresh-scented linens is actually one of the most important factors in getting a good night’s rest. For that reason alone, you should consider bumping up your routine.

Sheets should be washed at the hottest temperature that’s listed on your care label. Hotter water does a much better job of killing the bacteria and germ mites that patronize your bed.

Refrigerator – Each Month

Did you know your salad drawer contains 8,000 bacteria per square centimeter? That means your vegetable compartment is harboring 750 times the level of bacteria that are considered safe.

At a minimum, you should remove all your food and drawers for a monthly wipe-down. Use a baking soda and water-based solution to target stubborn areas. Food absorbs odors, so you want to avoid using any kind of scented cleaning product.

Can’t Keep up With Your Home Deep Cleaning?

We understand that home deep cleaning is rarely anyone’s idea of fun. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that many of us simply don’t have more time in the week to devote to chores.

That’s where we come in. At Boatman and Sons Cleaning, we take care of your dirty work so you don’t have to. Professional home cleaning may seem like a luxury, but it’s actually a practical solution for any busy family.

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