5 Carpet Care Hacks to Make Your Carpet Last

5 Carpet Care Hacks to Make Your Carpet Last

Just got new carpet?

Hoping to make it last for as long as possible?

While you may want to keep your carpet looking its best for as long as you can, it's impossible to prevent wear and tear on your carpet completely. However, there is more power in your hands than you may think.

The following carpet care hacks and tips will help you to make a long-lasting impact on your carpet, ensuring that it will stay in great condition for years to come.

1. Vacuum Regularly

While you may already have a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner in your home, are you using it enough?

Through regular use and everyday living, plenty of dirt, dust, and debris can find its way into your carpet.

Routine vacuuming is one of the best things you can do for the maintenance of your carpet. Be sure to vacuum regularly in order to make your carpet last a considerably longer time.

2. Spot Clean Your Carpet

For any household, it's an inevitable fact of life that your carpet will eventually undergo spills, stains, and accidents. When this happens, be sure to get those nasty stains out as quickly as possible.

Use a mild store-bought carpet cleaner or a simple homemade solution to remove a stain immediately. Be aware that sometimes extra strong cleaners can do more harm than good.

A simple spray bottle mixture of half vinegar and half water can be all that you need for spot cleaning. Simply mix together and apply to the stained area. Then, blot carefully to remove the stain.

3. Leave Your Shoes at the Door

One simple trick to reduce the wear and tear on your carpet is to make it a rule in your home to leave your shoes by the doorway when coming in from outside. Shoes bring in all kinds of harmful debris and dirt to your carpet.

By leaving your shoes at the door you will reduce the accumulation of dirt and prevent extra harm to your carpet.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

When you are constantly walking over the same areas in your home it can cause wear and tear to your carpet. One way to avoid this is to occasionally rearrange your furniture, if possible.

If your layout can be changed, do it every so often. This will allow different parts of the carpet to experience the usual wear and tear of motion, giving the other areas a much-needed rest.

5. Hire Carpet Care Professionals

While there is much you can do on your own to reduce wear and tear and increase longevity, a proper floor cleaning is the best way to increase the life of your carpet.

A professional cleaning can do wonders for your carpet can even help to improve your health by removing bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and mold growth from your home.

With a little bit of maintenance and the adoption of a few new carpet care habits, your carpet may just be able to last a lot longer than you may think.

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