pet carpet cleaning

Are you a person that will always have a fluffy family member by your side? If you are, then you already realize the challenge that is keeping your home clean.

We know how much you love your furry friend. But you don’t want your home to smell of dirty dog.

To keep it fresh and clean, here are a few tips for pet carpet cleaning. At some point, you’ll need to get your floor professionally cleaned. In the meantime follow these tips to keep your carpet clean and your home smelling fresh.

Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

If you have pets, you know that their hair gets everywhere. The only way to avoid it would be to own one of those ugly hairless cats. That’s not an option for most people.

If you haven’t got your pet yet, you might want to look for a dog that sheds less. Of course, no dog never sheds, but there are some breeds that do it a lot less.

More likely than not, you’re one of the millions of pet owners plagued with hair in their house. Here’s how to manage it.

Carpets tend to attract hair in droves. You may find it difficult to vacuum because it clogs up your machine so fast. Try covering a paint roller with masking tape and roll it around before vacuuming. This giant ‘lint roller’ will pick up the loose stuff.

Another option is to buy a rubber carpet rake. Passing it across the carpet will clump the hair up so you can pick it up easier.

Urine Attracts Vermin

Okay, maybe it doesn’t actually attract vermin. But it does attract bacteria and other nastiness that you don’t want in your house.

Clean up urine ASAP. The sooner you get to it, the more success you’ll have cleaning it. Start by mopping up the liquid with a terrycloth towel.

Then clean the area with a couple drops of dish detergent in warm water. Rinse the soap out and blot with a bit of water and vinegar. This will deter Fluffy from soiling that spot again. Be sure to soak up all the moisture afterward.

Stains are a Pain

Stains are a particular problem, the older they are the worse they are. You can try using special stain removing products and elbow grease. Follow the directions, though, so you don’t damage your carpet.

You can also try renting and using an extracting carpet cleaner. Don’t use a steam cleaner, though, the heat can set the stain.

That (Not) Sweet Stench

An extracting carpet cleaner can help with this and you should try it first. This will get rid of any chemicals from other cleaners you have used.

These chemicals can interfere with the work of an enzymatic cleaner, which is the next step. You can get a powder version that goes on dry carpet. Or a liquid version that will deep clean the bacteria.

Pet Carpet Cleaning Professionals

At some point, your carpet may get so bad you need to call in the professionals. Contact us today for pet carpet cleaning professionals that will get the job done!

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